'November (Bronwydd)' oil on canvas 61 cm x 76 cm. (Private Collection London)



'Night Music 2'. acrylic on canvas 61 cm x 76 cm(Private Collection, Houston, Texas)



Phil Alder Artist. Paintings.

Gardens, Flowers, Foliage, Rhythm, Water, and Light.

Letting the brush dance on the canvas,

'A real joy - uplifting light'  RM. Visitor Book October 2018

Born in 1951. A career in arts and as a practicing artist in west Wales.

I use mixed colours, rhythm, shallow depths and 'calligraphic' brushwork. The paintings are about sensation, often a very pleasant one of being surrounded by foliage, flowers, light and colour. I hope my art is about this pleasure, and  wonder. My intention is to make succesful metaphors for these sensations.

I tend to work through themes and ideas over ten to fifteen year cycles. Currently concentrating on gardens and movement and these have been recurring source material.

My studio paintings are normally small to medium, that is around 30 cms - 100cms.

I use oil paint, watercolour and acrylic seperately and the different properties of each medium lend themselves to different approaches extending the vocabulary of the visual metaphors.

With oil paint I can get deep into the accuracy of the colour and can use a brush to 'dance' over the surface to emphasise textures and rhythms. I can return to these paintings, sometimes over years until they are 'right'.

Watercolour provides greater immediacy and delicacy and, because of it's speed, a good medium for drawing and studies (I also use pastel for the sketch books).

Acrylic, which I only occaisionally use  seems to encourage greater sweeps of colour and an enlarging of the rhythmic patterns, a generally a bolder approach.

The language of my style has been developing over many years and so illustrations in the gallery pages on this site show my work’s evolution by illustrating examples of previous work as well as the current practice.

I would welcome site specific commissions for larger works and would do so in a four stage commissioning process.



'High Summer 2014 (Trefechan)'' watercolour on paper. 21cm x 50cm. (Private Collection South West Wales)

You can see or purchase my work held in stock at 'off the wall' in Cardiff, 'Queen Street Gallery' in Neath or at 'whitecourtart.com'. To arrange a viewing of additional work contact me for a visit in south west Wales or one can be arranged at either Queen Street or 'off the wall' galleries.